how to stop mirow searching through all my itunes folder when trying to add movies

 Hi I have a nas drive with an itunes folder and another folder with movies on it in the same root - when I try to add the movies it searches through my itunes folder as well and I have to tell it that several hundred mp3 files are not in fact movies, using the remote. Its a pain. Can't you make it so you can tell it exactly where you have stored your movies?


 I had a similar problem. I have all my media on a big external drive, which is also my time machine backup drive and Sapphire wants to search through the whole drive, which takes hours as you can't specify which folders to search for media.

You can mark specific folders to be skipped during the import process.  There is a guide for doing this at the link below. Follow the steps under the 'choosing which files to import' heading.