How to stop Infuse shows shows from my Videos app ??

Infuse is showing all the shows from my official Videos app on the ipad, I’m not sure if this is intended behavior but its terrible and has ruined it for me. My Videos app is full of hundreds of small tutorial files, its neat though as they are all listed under tv shows and nearly stacked by tutorial specifics.

But now infuse has somehow imported them or showing them at least and its totally unmanageable.

Can this be turned off? If not i will sadly have to delete it now as its a darn mess and has totally made it useless. A real shame, I liked the app and planned to use it as my default non converted materials app. I was using AviPlayerHD which was fine, but I like infuse a lot more, especially now with AirPlay, but the whole showing stuff from the other Videos app needs to be an option and not forced on us.

Thanks for your feedback.

We’re planning to add a toggle setting to allow/prevent iTunes content from showing.

Awesome mate. Cheers.

I really like the app so that is wonderful news.

Real bummer to see 1.4 come out still without the toggle. I would have thought that to be the easiest of any alterations to the app. I really want to use this app but its impossible without this.

Sorry for the hassle.

It’s definitely not been forgotten, and will be available soon.