How to stop forced local metadata

I have two ATV4s (1-32GB and 1-64GB), the 64GB forces local metadata on the TV show APB (w w w, but my 32GB does not do this. I have purged my infuse metadata twice, and changed, in the settings, to local and back to online… nothing seems to work.


Infuse has 2 places you can adjust this.

There is a global ‘Embedded Metadata’ setting in the Infuse > Settings menu.

You can also enable/disable local metadata for a specific folder/favorite by long-pressing on the icon of the folder/favorite.

You may check both places to ensure the settings are how you want them.

checked both of those… had changed them in past with a Clear All Metadata… then changed both settings back with another Clear All Metadata

attached are pix… it really seems to be forced local metadata

Do you have Local Metadata enabled for the APB folder itself?

This can be adjusted by long-pressing on the ABP folder icon.

i do not get a sub menu on long press of the APB folder itself, but this is how i fixed this based on a comment you made earlier…

here is my folder structure…

Infuse Favorite: TV Shows (long press gives me the sub menu)
In side the TV Shows folder is a directory for each show with seasons under each… pretty standard.

As i cant get a sub menu for folder (individual TV Show directories within).

I made APB a favorite in which i can get a sub menu with long press. Once I brought up the sub menu, i saw that the local metadata was selected (i have no idea how that happened as i have never had any TV Show directory as a Favorite; only the parent directory [TV Shows]).

Once i changed to online metadata, i went back to my TV Shows Favorite and all was well with APB.

I deleted the APB Favorite, and all is good to go.

Hmm, it’s a little strange you weren’t getting a popup menu on your folders (I just tried here in the latest 5.3.1 version and it worked for me) but I’m glad you were able to get it sorted out another way. :slight_smile:

is there a global setting that would stop me from being able to get to the sub menu for folders?

No, there isn’t a global setting that would prevent that.

Are you seeing any kind of popup menu when long-pressing on folders? What type of device are you streaming from? How are you connecting (SMB, UPnP, FTP, etc…)?

I get no menu or even a flash of a menu.

It streams from a custom built FreeNAS box using SMB.

i have found that the menu works on some folders, but not all.

any update to this issue? It has happened again with Star Trek Discovery. I used the same technique as i did with APB. i still cannot bring up the long press sub menu on the directories… well i can on a small number of directories.

Which directories are you having trouble with? Are these recognized as playable items or seasons in Infuse?

It will take me a while to find all the show directories that will not provide me with a long press sub-menu. If you really need to know, you need to tell me. then i will post here on a later date.

the directory structure is setup with the show name and then season


Star Trek Discovery
|-> Season 1

Infuse does know they are seasons within the show directory. that isnt the issue. this issue is that the show directory is forcing local metadata and i cant get the long press sub-menu as stated at the top of this thread with the show APB…

Can you see a difference in the type of directories this is affecting?

For example, in some cases Infuse will flatten directories (in cases of TV seasons or single movie folders). Since these are treated as playable items, you won’t have the option of using local metadata. However, directories that appears as folders in Infuse should have this option available.

both APB and Star Trek Discovery have sub directories … example: Season 1… Season 2 etc.

I do get a sub-menu on some flat directories. that makes sense… what doesn’t make sense is why a folder with sub folders are defaulting to local metadata.

i will say this, both of these show started with empty directories… well it had/has a folder.jpg file… anyway… almost all of my show directories start this way and fill up as shows populate. I have checked the sub-menu on “Gifted”… i get that sub-menu on the Gifted show folder… again only has a folder.jpg file. i dont know what will happen when it begins to populate, but this did not happen with The Orville.

Please add the long press sub-menu to directories with sub-folder. That will allow me to change to online metadata as i need to. It still doesnt explain why some of my show folders default to local metadata.

“Gifted” has started to populate, and everything works fine. This local metadata things appears to be random. Again, adding the long press to all folders would be greatly appreciated.