How to Start AppleTV Service:


I was trying to use my Apple TV 2 as a web server and followed steps from following link…

I tried follwing command to stop Apple TV Service…

Darl Bundren says:
June 17, 2011 at 11:53 pm
If you aren’t going to use the aTV as an actual TV display device, you can disable the “AppleTV” service and save 25% CPU instantly. The “AppleTV” service is not required to be running for the machine to function… it is only required to launch frappliances (XBMC, NitoTV, etc…) and provide the GUI interface, which is unnecessary for a webserver.

To do this, do ‘chmod -x /Applications/’ followed by a ‘killall AppleTV’

You should be good to go!

I used this command  chmod -x /Applications/ but like to get back as normal Apple TV menu.

Please let me know how do I reverse this?

Thank you for your help and support.




chmod +x /Applications/

Then restart the Apple TV holding Menu and Down on the remote until the light flashes repeatedly.

Awesome Help Matty!

I had posted same thing in other forums for the help and no response.

This forum ROCKS on prompt help and I really appreciated for your quick response.

Thank you!