How to speed up Transfer Rate using Windows ?

Hi out there,

i am using a windows based computer and want to increase my transfer speed (now only working with 1,2 MB/sec WLAN).
Is there any chance getting these dreamly high rates of 12-15 MB/sec Mac users are reporting of ? Getting tired with my slow speed… :frowning:
Thanks, -cortex-

I get the 1.2mb on my Mac - if I use my Wireless G router connection. If I connect the Apple TV directly to my iMac using the built in Wireless N on both devices then I get about 5.5mb. You are not gonna get much faster than that over wireless with the Apple TV.

So my guess is you want to make sure you have a Wireless N router between your components…

Hey Mixxxer

How are you setting up the Ad-Hoc connection?

Are you changing the settings on your Mac and then connecting the aTV to your Mac? Or is there a way to do it in reverse so I could just create/swap network profiles (location) to have the aTV automatically connect?

Does SFTP and SSH work the same way? (still using “ssh -1 front…” etc)?

5.5’s good enough for me considering the convenience

basically - my setup is an imac on a wireless connection. so normally - for transferring a few files i just leave it as is and transfer at G speeds. If i have a large amount of files to xfer i do the following.

on the imac i go to settings / sharing then select internet sharing. say START

where it says SHARE YOUR CONNECTION FROM : you must select ETHERNET

Now if your mac is connected tot he internet with an ethernet cable - good for you - if not - you will now lose your connection to your wireless router.

then for TO COMPUTERS USING: you check AIRPORT

click on AIRPORT OPTION to assign your wireless network name and a WEP passcode etc.

click OK and make sure the internet sharing is enabled.

now - have your appletv scan for wireless signal and you will see your new network. connect to it. it might take up to 1 minute - i thought my apple tv froze but it will connect.

now - u should check the assigned ip address of the apple tv, i think it will be like 10.x.x.x

i can then ssh or ftp into that newly assigned ip address.

voila - N speed 5.5mb

when i am done i just disable the internet sharing and it reconnects to my wireless g router.

Sounds good. Thanks.

I have an MBP so I’ll have to lose my connection. Oh well.

I do wonder, however, if there is a way to prioritize wireless networks on the aTV. That way I can just save a network profile on my MBP and quickly switch connection types. If the aTV sees the new network, it would switch to the MBP’s WAP. When disabled it would switch back to the router’s wifi

Wonder where the wifi config file is in OSX. *runs to google