How to show metadata from movie db

Hello, so I recently made a a tv show database for a show that wasn’t listed on move db, I changed the season 1 poster and added more actors as I’m continuing to finish the whole season, it changed on the website but when I go on infuse the poster hasn’t changed and only half of the cast is listed. It’s been about 40-50 mins and it hasn’t changed. I’ve deleted metadata cache if restarted the app multiple times and nothing changes. What can I do to have the current up to date data show up on infuse ?

It can take several hours for the info on TMDB to propagate to all of their servers. I’d give it a day.

One thing that helps is to do an “Edit Metadata” on one of the episodes and let Infuse reload it. After that it may take a few minutes for Infuse to gather the new info and get it in the display.

One thing some people forget is that if the info you provide to TMDB doesn’t follow their guidelines, they may delete it. Also with artwork if it’s not within the correct size and ratio limits they will not be sent out.

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