How to share external drive from Mac to Apple Tv

Hi, my problem is that I want to stream videos from external hard drive which is connected to Mac's USB to my TV using ATV2 but Infuse does't seem to find it at all, only my internal hard drive and shared folders on it are accessible. I've turned on file sharing and added this drive in settings but it didn't help. Any ideas? Is that possible?


I have done it with my apple time capsule no problems. 

I have had it working with my mac but can't remember how I did it. 

Going to give a go shortly to see if I can re-connect it to my mac. (That's if the wife doesn't want anything doing)

i presume once you get it connected you will be able to see your hard drive in the USB port. 

Go into infuse on Apple tv.  Go to settings. manage shares. add share

if you mac book is on the same network it will show up.

click on your MacBook Air. 

It will ask for user name and password. This is where I'm stuck. Don't know them. Will keep trying

try this

Ok. Following on from my previous post the user name and password are what you use to log in to your mac.