How to setup XBMC for local network streaming

OK, I use to be able to do this but after upgrades from ATV, XBMC and my Mac, I can’t figure it out. And I did try :roll:

Here is my setup: I have a LaCie Drive, name “LaCie” mounted on my iMac. I am trying to access this Drive. How and where do I set the settings in XBMC so I can stream the movies located on this Drive?

The local network address for my iMac goes like this:

Local network name: john-doe-computer.local


afp:// (which if I use this address from my laptop, do give me access to mount whatever volumes I have connected to this IP)


John Doe’s Computer

Drive holding my movies would be address as:


On the iMac, the system preference allows for files sharing.

Can someone put me in the right direction?

Many thanks.


If you setup a network share through nitoTV all applications can utilize the networked media. No need to setup separate shares in XBMC, Boxee etc.

Great Help! Took a big 5 minutes. Many thanks :smiley: