How to Setup Infuse with External drive

I run a Mac mini desktop, iPhone, MacBook Pro. I store all my movies and series on an 4TB Toshiba external mini harddrive.

I was advised by a friend to load Plex as they provided movie covers and info about the movie or series and could be accessed from anywhere via internet. I’ve given up trying to get it to work.

Then someone said to try Infuse which I understand does much the same thing. I also read that you could attach your external drive to the router.

I’m a technical dinosaur with alzheimers so am trying to find someone to link me to a simple set of instructions to achieve what I thought Plex would provide.

I asked support for help and they sent me a link:

I got lost at the first acronym - SMB

Your help would be appreciated.

You can probably share the files via your router or the Mac mini. Ideally you want to be hardwired to the network so if your Mac mini is on ethernet then that would be equivalent to sharing with the router. Also it might depend on the type of router you have.

Thanks for that. I thought plugging into the router would be better as if you are away you just have to leave your router on and not your Mac mini - is that correct? Also, what do I need to check with the router then?

And what does SMB mean?

In simple terms its a protpcol that your network can use to talk back and forth and to transfer files. To get to the nitty gritty of it you can read the wiki here

Also you might post your router model

Thanks munpip. D-Link DWR-921

No USB port for an external drive.

Yeah, not one mention of USB in the manual. In that case you will want to use your Mac mini