How to setup for Synology NAS

I’m no noob when it comes to Apple TV, having jailbroken my ATV-2, but DAMN!!! How do I set this up to work with my Synology NAS? I can’t find any documentation. I tried to set it up using the ATV Siri remote and the crazy alphabet line input system, but got frustrated with all the errors I got from entering user/password.

Today with the iOS remote app finally being supported, I thought I’d try again but not knowing why I was getting an error once again, I’m about ready to give up.

I do have the Plex server running on my Synology DS412+ and I can connect to that but I hate Plex. I wanna simple way to get to my video files in folders and that’s it.

To add a share,
What is “Share Name”?
Protocol is fixed to SMB - really?
what do I put in “Address”?
I ignored workgroup because I hate Microsoft but maybe I need it because of SMB?
Username/Password is for my NAS?
Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Or maybe I’ll just stick with the now much improved (and free) NAStify player instead, I had no problems setting it up and it shows me my files in a simplified folder interface, But if Infuse is a much better player, I’d at least like to try it out.


I have a Synology NAS. Works great for me.

Open Infuse and the NAS shows up as a share along with my laptop, Sonos and a few other things - I didn’t need to enter an address.

Username and password are the same as you’d use to access your Synology via a browser.

Then just browse to your folder of movies and add it as a favourite. I deleted Plex Media Server and the Plex folder completely.

I have all of my movies ‘loose’ in one folder. No subfolders. Infuse found 99% of the correct metadata.

Good luck with it. I set it up with the Apple remote. Total ballache typing in passwords with that thing.

Me to have Infuse setup with a Synology NAS, using WebDAV for now, but I have also tried SMB without issues.

Have you enabled the necessary filesharing protocols on the NAS, e.g. SMB? That would be done through the control panel.

Also, you will need to grant a user access to the shared folder that holds your media on the NAS.

You should now see this share in Infuse, just fill in the user/password. No need to enter workgroup, “Share name” is whatever you enter, e.g. “NAS”, “Movies” etc.

When I go to Network then Shares, I only see the Plex media server on my Synology and then under “Available Shares” “Other”. Am I supposed to see my Synology there?

I removed the Plex server from the NAS and still didn’t see the NAS from Infuse. I already had Synology Video station running but then I added Media server and then Infuse saw that but when I went to add favories, there was nothing in the “Video” folder. I mucked around and saw a setting that said to merge the Video Station DBwith Media server and when I did that, another folder “Video Station” showed up.

Now I could add folders to the Favorites. I also see that I can select a folder as a favourite and bypass all of the “by …” crap that I don’t want.

So I need both Synology Video Station and Media Server running on the NAS?

Anyway, I’ll try it for a while to see if this will be any better than the NAStify client, which is way more straightforward.

I don’t have Video Station and Media Server running. As I understand it Media Server is a dlna server, if you activate it you must make it index the files. However I could’n get it working with subtitles.

Instead just go to File services and enable Windows file service. Under advanced I have “Enable SMB 2 and large MTU”, seems to work fine.

Idd, what knudsen said is right. I’ve added a separate user with limited (reading) rights to the folders necessary. But that’s not required.
Do note the difference between a SHARE and a FAVORITE tough! First you add the SMB share. if your SMB is set up correctly like knudsen said, it should just “show up” and you can just select it without having to manually enter the address. Otherwise, if manual is what you want:

  • Share name can be anything you want, so you know WHAT that share is. The name of your NAS for example or just “NAS”, whatever you want :slight_smile:
  • Address is the (local) IP address or the hostname of your NAS.
  • Username is indeed a user on your NAS, that can be your account or a separate user that you create on your NAS with limited rights. Doesn’t matter with first setup.

When you added the share (either with automatic showing up or manually), you can than go INSIDE your share. Hold down the select button on directories you would like to add as a favorite. You can choose multiple directories. A favorite is what will show up on the first screen of the Infuse app.

So for example. I made a “shared folder” on my Synology NAS and called it “video”. Inside that folder (still on my NAS) I made three folders: “movies” and “series” and “home made”. Next, do what knudsen said and enable SMB sharing in the settings. If you did that, you should be able to add the share either automatically or manually with the address (“local_ip_of_your_NAS/video” in this example). When you added the share, you should see three folder: “movies”, “series” and “home made”. You can than hold down select on “movies” to add as a favorite and do the same for “series”. If you would like to leave out “home made”, don’t select it. If that is done right, you should be able to go back up. All the way to the homescreen of your NAS (quit the app). If you than enter Infuse again, you should see the Infuse logo with two big rectangles: “movies” & “series”. Go into movies and wait (a long time at first enter, especially with a lot of movies) for the indexing to finish and the metadata fetching (if you are using version 4.0.1 or higher, this shouldn’t take to long) to finish.

If it doesn’t work or you have some more questions, please let us know.
Oh and NAStify is indeed easy but limited, Infuse is Fire(proof/hard)Core :wink:

Thanks knudsen and helonaut. My setup is all Apple so I had SMB turned off. After playing around a bit, I disabled all of my media servers, Video Station, Media Server and Plex and just had WEBDAV, (AFP and NFS) enabled. Infuse saw my DiskStation and I could create favorites from my file folders which was all I wanted to do in the first place. So WEBDAV and SMB are supported.

Now I’ll give Infuse a try to see how much better it is than NAStify. Oh and the disconnect bug in NASTify I thought was gone is still there.