How to setup a NFS share?

I have a personal linux system exporting the folder with all my TV shows. I can mount it cleanly on other linux systems, but I don’t know how to do it on Infuse.
I really wanted to avoid a SMB setup since I already have the NFS running and it works good for me.
How do I set it up with Infuse? Infuse asks me for Name and Address, but I’m used to the IP:SHARED_PATH MOUNT_PATH syntax from the command line.
What should I fill the fields with? Do I need an special configuration? Am I missing something?


There’s a users guide here Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore that has a link regarding NFS set up that may help. :slight_smile:

It does help! But what about on the Infuse side? How do I fill the name/address fields? I’m used to the ‘mount’ syntax for NFS and never accessed NFS shared folders without it, so I’m a little confused. Further, is there any way I can see the error logs from Infuse in order to know what is wrong?

This is really a SWAG since I don’t have the ability to set up a NFS server but once you get your server set to provide a NFS share and you go into Infuse Settings > Shares > Available Shares > any chance that it shows up here as an NFS share available?

Sorry for my lack of experience here but sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut. LOL

You’re trying to help and that is something you should never be sorry about!
Yeah, not, it does not show up at all. Should it show up? What I’m used to is just typing mount -t mylocalip:exportedfolder localfolder on linux. I’m guessing Infuse has to mount it too, so what I was trying to do is to enter the ‘Other’ dialog and entering stuff in Name/Address to match this command. Of course I’m also a blind squirrel here, just typing random combinations of information without knowing if any setup is missing haha. That’s why I came here to ask! (and also submitted a ticket)

What OS is your server running? You might need to install avahi-daemon to get it to broadcast services.