How to set up output viewing ratio streaming from imac to mediaplayer??

I was finally able to stream non itune movie (video ts file) directly to my atv with the mediaplayer . But the format doesn’t seem right. I got a 16:9 hdtv and the film is not only letterbox but it got black bars on each side, anyway to correct this?. My computer is an imac.

Do you know the version of Media Player are you using? This was an issue in the older pre-beta 6 versions, but has since been resolved.

You can check for updates via the Maintenace --> Manage Extras menu.

I’m using media player 0.6-175323. It looks like it’s the latest version, if it was an issue with previous version…it’s still there for me.

Hmm - which version of AppleTV software are you using? Is the issue occuring with all DVD files, or just a few?

atv software 4.2.2. It’s occuring with the few dvd I got ripped right now.