How to set internal or external drive for storage

I just purchased an Apple TV 1st gen (new) and ran thru setup and updated software to 3.02. Installed Atv flash (4.21). Ran the smart installer. After installer finshed got a screen saying "I'm thinking" and then got screen toi restart. Was not given anoption to designate the internal or external drive as primary. I searched thru all the menus and could not find anything. What am I missing????

Did you read this? :

Thank you. I did not see that before. It answered my question. :)

Help, I have an issue with a NEW external USB drive. The AppleTV & Flash are working perfect, including a current external USB drive. For more capacity, I wanted to replace the drive with a much bigger external drive (2TB, within the specs). The new drive however does NOT show up. I can choose the drive as external primary drive to sync with iTunes (so the ATV does see it!), but I don't want that.

I just want it to replace the previous drive, but whatever I do, it doesn't show up. Not in ATV, nor in Cyberduck.


Help ?