How to Select Audio Track in MediaPlayer

I am using Handbrake for Converting DVD’s to m4v.
I always have 2 Audio Tracks. Number 1 is Stereo for iPad and iPhone and number 2 is AAC passthrough for Dolby Digital for the ATV.

When playing a movie via iTunes or XBMC I can Select the Audio Track. In the MediaPlayer (Beta) it always plays in Stereo now but I wanna use DolbyDigital and I dunno how to change that.
Can someone help with that cause in the specs of ATV Flash Black it says that the MediaPlayer can Play AAC.

Are you sure your pass-through track is not actually AC-3? Currently, Media Player does not support the dolby digital 5.1 AC-3 pass-through tracks like XBMC does. It’s a coming feature they are working on. I believe it will only currently play the standard Dolby ProLogic II AAC (2-channel) track in media files.


Yeah you are probably right. May be AC3. But thanks for the reply. So I assume it will be available to select the Audio Track in one of the next versions.

Yes, support for AC3 and multiple audio tracks will be coming in a future version.