**How To Save XBMC Library Information**

This may be a dumb question, but, how do I save my Library information in XBMC?

For instance, I spend a full day scanning in all my moves and downloading cover art/info, i set my “favorites”, I create bookmarks for mulitiple movies for quick access, but when I update ATVFlash, or like the other day (frickin appletv updated on its own thus removing patch) all that work is GONE! Any way to preserve that?

also…Has anyone come up with a fix for the appletv not responding after a day or so of being idle? I have the screensaver in the actual appletv menu disabled, but I have the screensaver set to fanart in xbmc which is where i mostly leave it…I still wind up having to unplug and replug to get it back up…any more suggestions on that

…and i just bought a logitech harmony one…hopefully that plays nice with the atv.

…still waiting on some answers…anybody :slight_smile: ohh…logitech harmony one works Great! can now browse atv and control volume of reciever without switching remotes or switching inputs on universal…yaay Logitech!

Just too bad Logitech is Win/Mac only, I run Linux…

The Logitech Harmony team do not even know how to spell Linux, and here I thought Java was supposed to be platform independent, guess the Harmony team missed that class… :o

Whatever, virtualbox with Win XP takes care of that!

In [VIDEO] press menu a view second … choose [SETTING]
Go to Library … Export Library … Export as SEPARATE
say YES to export Thumbs, finart, artis etc …
This will put all of the nfo file in each of your media folder
Next time you update the library it will only look into the nfo and tbn in the folder without downloading …

That works but then you need to edit files and stuff manually. I Use - Media Companion Gen2 - Manage your Movies, Shows, NFO. This is a free application and I use it to setup my library with an extrafanart folder so it does a slideshow of fanart for a given movie. With all the .ISO’s in the library you can save it all to your storage device. You can easily setup movie sets ie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy etc… thus creating a sub menu system.  http://mediacompanion.codeplex.com/