How to rip a 16:9 DVD? All rips are shown in 4:3

Folks, this may (also) go in the nitoTV board but I wonder how I can rip DVD in 16:9. Issue is that when I rip an ISO file it plays wonderful in 16:9 on my old but nonetheless widescreen LCD. But as soon as I rip single titles of the same DVD using handbrake they are shown on apple TV (either boxee or the unique Movies folder when imported via iTunes) with black borders left and right, i.e. as 4:3. Changing the TV’s picture size does not help when I toggle between widescreen or 4:3. I always see these black stripes left and right. Yes, I could zoom the view but I have to do this every time again and the picture shows more artifacts.

So, my question is how can I rip a DVD in widescreen? Is there a freeware tool that can do this out of the box?