How to restrict audio delay customization to single video

When a movie that I’m playing has a mismatch between the audio and the video, I use the very handy audio delay feature for Infuse on my apple TV. But I find that this adjustment carries over to whatever videos I play next too, where it usually isn’t required.

Is there a way to restrict / set this per video?

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Huh. I thought it did that automatically; since the AppleTV itself has a global audio-delay function.

Can’t help, but certainly others can. It was a much talked about addition a while back.

what’s this global audio delay function on the Apple Tv?

Audio delay is generally meant to compensate for things like Bluetooth signal delay or something else in your audio output which is why it’s global.

It sounds like you have a specific file that has an incorrect audio offset. In that case you’re probably better off fixing the file itself using a tool like ffmpeg, e.g.:

I realize that takes a bit of technical knowledge, I’m not sure if there’s a friendly front end program that can do it.