How to restore to 100% stock (Not just restore)

Hi. I have a JB aTV (Black) running v4.4.4 and JB with Seas0npass and aTH Flash v1.3

I know if I want to restore I just connect it iTunes and restore that way, and I have previously done that. My question is even when I have restored this way, some JB file remain. I know that because when I re-JB and install some apps etc, their custom settings are still as before. If things were 100% wiped than that could not be the case.

Can I simply SSH into the aTV and delete all the folders, or will that really break the aTV?

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

What settings/apps are you referring to?

If you perform a restore through iTunes, or even re-jailbreak with Seas0nPass ALL files get wiped from the AppleTV.

It’s just me being OCD I suppose. I have restored via iTunes, re-JB but some setting of previously installed apps are still there.


Just thought I would ask, it’s really going OTT.

Hmm, which old settings are you seeing?

Sorry, James. I cant tell you now. I have restored as new, re-JB and put everything back as before. Now with XBMC beta 3 out and working better for me than beta 2, I don’t really want to break it again.

Sorry if you think I have wasted your time. I will be more patient and observant next time and make proper notes!