How to restart lowtide wo NitoTV?

I have a jailbroken ATV2 using seaonpass 0.6.6


The Manage Extras menu is there, but after installing NitoTV and installing Last.FM they are not in the menu. I assume I need to restart, but I dont know how to without a power cycle adn I was worried as I did that the last time and wound up with a ATV2 that stuck on the Apple logo on boot. That was my first JB.


This is the second one and I am reluctent to power cycle until I see all the menus working properly?


Any thoughts appreciated.



You could use SSH into the ATV using:

ssh rootatApple-TV.local  (replace the at with the '@' symbol)

If you haven't changed the password (you should!), it's 'alpine'

Then enter:

killall LowTide (if you're on the older firmware)

or if you're on the current firmware enter:

killall AppleTV

That will cause the process to restart rather than rebooting the ATV

my SSH

killall AppleTV

resulted in a black screen forever.


I powered cycled and now I am back to where I was two days ago. Just an Apple Logo

Oh so frsutrating.

All support appreciated.




Power cycling requires that you put with your ATV in DFU mode, run SeasonPass again, and select "Boot Tethered".  Did you do that?