How to reset or fully uninstall Infuse on the Mac


I am trying to troubleshoot Infuse sync and am running out of options.
I have deleted the app on my iPhone, iPads, Apple TV and Macs, and deleted the “Infuse 6 Pro” iCloud data several times.
I have checked that I have no other Apple device logged in to my iCloud account (except those who cannot run Infuse: Watch, HomePod etc.)

i also deleted the 2 folders containing “Infuse” in their names in my library.

When I reinstall Infuse on 1 Mac:

  • I still have ca. 500MB of metadata (that I now also deleted)
  • the “Infuse Pro 6” iCloud data gets repopulated (you can see that by clicking “manage iCloud storage”) in System Preferences.

How can I delete ALL Infuse data:

  • on my Macs
  • on my other Apple devices (is deleting the app sufficient?)
  • on iCloud

Thanks in advance for your help- Infuse has now grown fully unusable for me and I have become quite reliant on it)

Before deleting the apps, try unchecking all the shares (so your library has 0 items in it) … and then sync Infuse to iCloud again (which should eliminate most of the iCloud stuff). When complete, then disconnectInfuse from iCloud on all devices before you delete the apps (if necessary — deleting metadata ought to be enough). Once disconnected from iCloud on all devices, you shouldn’t have trouble deleting the Infuse data from iCloud. Once you’ve done that, you can begin turning on iCloud Sync again. Maybe start on the one device you want to first set up your library and preferences with, and when that one is set up, turn on the others and sync.

Thx @FLskydiver
A few remarks:

  • my question here is about resetting Infuse - the whole sync situation is an absolute mess that deserves a separate thread and more info,
  • shares do not sync (especially the 4 OneDrives I use), and that is my main issue: I would just like to have the shares I configured working on my Apple TV, iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices - At the moment I suspect macOS sync is the cause of trouble - I will just turn off iCloud sync in Infuse on my Macs and configure the shares on each Mac.
  • favorites are a mess too: for 1 OneDrive I configured 7 favorites on my iPhone …I only get 5 out of 7 on my Apple TV and iPads …and zero on the Macs because the OneDrive shares do not apear.

How long did you wait before trying to sync to iCloud again. I’m wondering if the Mac hasn’t fully synced the deletion before it is enabled again and then it is repopulated.

Make sure each instance of Infuse list the sync as complete. It will say something like “last synced Monday at 5:45 am”.

On iOS/tvOS deleting the app will remove all app data (except for data stored in iCloud). To delete iCloud data you can follow these steps.

On Mac, you would delete the app itself and the data folder. The data folder is located at: ~/Library/Containers/Infuse

Note: If you have had a beta installed at some point, then you may have 2 data folders.


Thx @james

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