How to reset ATV 2 to factory settings?

I have an Apple TV 2 with Firecore flash(black) installed - I would like to remove both the firecore flash and the season jailbreak and revert to the factory settings. How do i d that?

I haven’t been able to find any information about it and the “Restore to factory settings” option in the settings menu doesn’t work - It refuses to download the software even though it has a working connection.

So how can i restore my Apple TV 2?

Put the ATV into DFU mode (as is required when jail breaking), connect via USB to a PC/Mac and then do a restore in iTunes. This will put the latest Apple firmware on the ATV2 erasing all current content while doing so.

How come when I go to restore the ATV 2 in iTunes I get an error message telling my my device is not eligible to be restored?  I am trying to upgrade to the new firmware in order to jailbreak. I have never received this error message before.  It is said it is not eligible for the requested build.

Have you run anything like Tiny Umbrella in the past? If so it may have put an entry in your systems hosts file so that iTunes cannot find the Apple servers.

Actually I did run it on this particular apple tv and it failed trying to custom install the ipsw.  Can I just update from the apple menu within the apple tv?

Updating from the ATV settings menu will not work on a Jailbroken system.

It sound as if you nneed to look at your hosts file and remove any entry that Tiny Umbrella has put in.

When I ssh into it…where would I specifically find it?