How to replace series artwork.

So I spent a few hours with MetaX getting all my meta data cleaned up so that it is consistent across all platforms. The issue I see is that for collections, particularity TV shows the artwork selected for the representation of the siries is out of my control and I see several issues.

See attached files as examples

  • The old Out Limits shows have a foreign poster art showing it as AU-DELA DU REEL
  • For the old BBC/ABC series “The Avengers” the root folder has no artwork then when I drill in the artwork for each season I have (4 and 5) is some Japanese series

And while not strictly artwork related how does Infuse track whether something is Movies, TV or Other? I want to override some of theses settings as something like the Battlestar Galatica TV movies I prefer to be groups with the TV Show not in Movies. This goes back to my suggestion as to I want to tag a folder tree as a favorite and have and option for anything under that tree to be flattened in the thumbnail view without me having to drill in, then let collections take it from there. This way if I put the mini-series first 2 episodes and the other TV movies int he Battestar Galactica folder they will all show with the Series. I have same issue with Babylon 5 series and movies.

Some more updated quirks. I have ripped the Battlestar Galactica 2003 series and the movies. The attachment enclosed has all the screenshots. I have all artwork and descriptions embdded in the files and when viewing with VLC I can see the artwork is correct.

Yesterday the 2 part mini-series and the mid-series special episode (Razor) all had the artwork from Razor. Yet when clicking any of them the correct artwork was shown in the description. Today all 3 have the Mini-series artwork and when I click on Razor it shows the mini-series artwork. Again I open the files with VLC and all 3 have correct metadata embedded.

I really want Infuse to not do any online lookup and only user the embedded meta data, for Series grab the artwork from the first episode in the series, that simple. It seems like it gets confused periodically? Any help would be appreciated.

Are you by any chance connecting to your shares with DLNA or UPnP?

Nope, SMB share.

Infuse will use the filename structure to determine if something is a movie or TV show. Anything that is named using of the recommended TV show naming styles, will be treated as a TV show. Everything else will be placed into Movies (or Other).

You can override series, season, and episode artwork by organizing your shows into folders and placing specifically named artwork in various places.

More info on the options for this can be found here.