How to removea empty collection?


I have in my collection 3 folders:

  • Halloween
  • James Bond
  • MCU

As you can see on the screenshot, these collections are empty and i never created them. They are only shown in Infuse (not in Plex). How can i delete them?

Thank you!

Do a refresh at the top right of the screen.

If I press the button and choose “Refresh” i get after a few seconds “An error occurred” message and nothing changed.

Infuse will get collection info directly from Plex. My guess is these were likely auto-created in Plex at some point. If the movies were since removed, they may still exist but may be hidden from some views in Plex.

Plex collections cannot be edited or deleted through Infuse, so this will need to be done through Plex. I’m not sure how you can locate these empty collections, but one idea may be to add a dummy video file that would be included in each collection (EG Dr No.mkv, Halloween.mkv, etc…). This may make them visible in Plex and allow you to delete the collection.

Thank you. I assigned a random movie to “Halloween” but all it does is show “Halloween” two times in the Collections (1 empy, 1 with the random movie).

I found a solution: Just deleted the metadata in the config menu.

Glad you got it sorted out! Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile:

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