How to remove XBMC Edition and Restore Apple TV

This is to restore your apple tv 1st generation (Silver), and remove aTV Flash XBMC Edition. I went through the same issues as everyone else, and googled my butt off.
Follow this guide to the letter, and your Apple TV will be good as new.


Part 2: Apple TV installation & setup
Step 1: Power off the AppleTV (disconnect power) and insert the flash drive containing the aTV Flash (xbmc edition) software into the USB port on the back of the Apple TV.

Step 2: Power on the Apple TV (reconnect power) to start the installation.

Step 3: The OpenELEC logo will appear and installation will begin begin automatically.

Step 4: During the process the Apple TV may restart several times. Once XBMC appears on the screen, the flash drive can be removed.

Restoring the Apple TV
Following the same process as above, but when selecting a flash drive, hold down the OPTION button. This will change the START button to show RESTORE, which will install the necessary restore files onto the flash drive.

Note: Restore option is coming to Windows soon.

nothing work

Went to install an add on Apple TV shut down now it’s stays on the purple screen that comes up just after the openelec symbol pops up and won’t change? I’ve tried reinstalling the same way but have no luck

Thanks for your help. 100% restore!!!

So I’m trying to flash (again) and it starts to load but stops with “Can’t mount boot record” ??