How to remove the tomcool.xbmc-booter

I thought it was a good idea to boot straight into XMBC because I was spending 80pc of my time inside that environment.

Actually Icefilms and NAVIX but XMBC was/is my portal to those.

Anayway, tonight I decide that I want access to PLEX and thats inside the ATV interface?!??!?

How do I get out of XBMC to ATV from inside XBMC.

I seem to get as far as the XBMC top level, go to switch off (which used to take me back to ATV).

But now it just reboots the ATV and I go right back to XBMC.


Sorry if a post already exists asking this question, I did try a search without joy.

I found that this should remove it, but have not yet tried it yet.
apt-get remove org.tomcool.xbmc-booter

This actually is the command to remove the auto-boot, but according to some people SSH is disabled when you install the auto-boot, so you have to use the rather short timeframe between booting the aTV and XBMC starting to SSH into the aTV to enter the above command.

There is no time limit to SSH in to your ATV2.

The proposed answer is correct. use : apt-get remove org.tomcool.xbmc-booter

Also check