How to remove my itunes account from Apple tv 2 without losing jailbreak

I’m selling my apple tv 2 to a friend so i want to delete my router details and itunes account from it.

The only way I can see to do this is to reset the apple tv (not the factory restore but the other option in settings).

If I do the reset will I lose my jailbreak ?

Are there any other ways of deleting my details from the itunes account ?


Any help appreciated





That reset function didn’t work for me.  Tried it on two different ATV2 units (see below) just now and neither cleared my iTunes login username.


Reset didn’t do anything for ATV2 with iOS 5.0.2 + ATV Flash (black) 2.1.

Reset didn’t do anything for ATV2 with iOS 4.4.4 + ATV Flash (black) 1.5


Anyone know where to clean these ATV2s out of all settings via command-line without disturbing the jailbreak?




go to settings, computers. you should be able to logout

That doesn’t help me.  I know how to log out.  It is logged out.  But it keeps my username listed there when you go to the iTunes sign-in screen.  I don’t want my information in there.  I want to remove all personalized information from the Apple TV without restoring.


I’m sure there is a way to do this from command-line.  If someone knows how to purge this from memory or delete the file(s) where this information is contained, please let me know so I can just SSH in and be done with it.

Reset will do it. If it doest something is wrong. At that point just easier to re jailbrake then


Router details shouldnt matter, if he doesnt know your password its fine, plus he’ll probably be too far away for your wifi

When you switch on without a connection it only shows 2 3 icons on the apple TV menu anyway, Home Sharing I think and Settings to enter a new wifi connection.

If youre logged out again he doesnt know your password and would need to enter his new details anyway.


its going to a friend then just tell him he needs to set up a new password and wifi connection, if its not going to a “friend” then re-jailbreak and boot from scratch

Rejailbreak them.

MightyJew: Reset doesn’t clear the username from the iTunes login.  It doesn’t work on either of my ATV2s (posted previously).  Both devices otherwise function flawlessly and I don’t want to hassle with digging up old ATV images or make backups or re-jailbreak or anything.  They work great on the firmware releases they’re currently on.

I just want to quickly purge the information manually via SSH and it is apparent that nobody knows where this information is stored on the little device.

I reset iTunes account on mine to test and it deleted the login information. Just click on the reset apple TV not restore. It will reboot and clear all native apple settings  and cache without affecting jailbreak 

I understand the simple reset function works for you, and probably others.

IT DOES NOT WORK ON MINE (on either of them)

It reboots itself, hangs on a black screen, and I eventually have to pull the power cord for a hard reset, after which it still has my info in there.

That’s why I’m asking where to clear the cached / saved information manually.

While this user was actually trying to achieve something different, they did experience the exact same behavior with the “reset” function (also with two different ATV’s no less), so at least the anomaly isn’t limited to my devices:

no, you would need to rejailbreak. You probably could have done that 10 times over instead of trying how to edit an encrypted file in the apple tv ios