how to remove items from library during library updates


(this applies to both iOS and tvOS versions)

scenario -
when new items are added to my network shares they are correctly picked up and added to the library.
over time, as I watch content, I actually delete it from the network shares (not via Infuse) to free up space.

the undesired behavior happens when the following library update occurs : the metadata about the (now deleted) content remains intact and not only it clutters and inflates the library, but it also confuses user (i.e. - my wife/daughter) that said content is “there” when in fact it is long gone.

what makes the above more confusing - occasionally some of the deleted content would “disappear” from the library in a complete random way.

I am using the Pro 5 subscription on iPhone / iPad / ATV (all exhibiting same behavior) and using both iCloud sync as well as Trakt.


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Files which are no longer present on your drive (IE manually removed) will be removed from Infuse’s library during the next scan.

Scans usually happen automatically when opening the app, but you can also trigger a scan/check status via the Infuse > Settings > Library menu.

thanks for the quick response! :slight_smile:

and just to clarify - they deleted items “survive” days and weeks of library updates, including manual-triggered updates

Hmm, see if things start behaving for you in Infuse 6.

If the issue continues, we’d love to take a deeper look if you are able to send in a report an open a support ticket.

Unfortunately this isn’t fixed in V6. This has been my biggest issue for a long time. When I delete files from my NAS, they remain in the infuse library, also after a new scan. After I delete the metadata (settings > General > metadata), the library is rebuilt and the deleted items are gone. Rebuilding the library takes a long time, so this isn’t the desired behavior by a long shot.

This happens on all my devices.
A reinstall doesn’t help.
Adding the shares (SMB3 on a Synology NAS) again doesn’t help.

Just speculating… can it be so you have the recycle bin activated in DSM and for some reason infuse still can trace your file until it is removed from the trash bin?

I can confirm the issue still exists on v.6 using either ATV / iPad / iPhone.
my media resides on a Windows Server shared folder with full permissions.

also - when the content is removed from the file server it is done so “permanently” and not thrown in the recycle bin etc.

another bit of info after tinkering with it some more on the various devices -
seems like the automated scan on application launch doesn’t do the actual cleanup.
BUT - if you initiate a manual “Scan For Changes” from within the settings Library panel - it actually works.
this is odd because one would assume that these are identical actions which are simply triggered differently

P.S. - this is tested on 6.0 (2506)

Manual scan doesn’t work on my end either. Trash can is disabled on my NAS, so that doesn’t explain it.

seems like the issue has reappeared…
had 2 seasons of Broad City (with 10 episodes each), scanned and showed correctly.
after deleting 1 complete season and some episodes of the other, they are still in the library despite both auto and manual library update scans.
as mentioned before - Windows Server 2016 as file store, fully updated, and Infuse 6.0.2