How to remove Infuse from Mac Running Ventura?


It doesn’t appear that there is a “Library” folder called “Containers” anymore. That was where the Infuse files were in earlier MacOSs.

How do you completely delete the Infuse app and associated files on a Mac running Ventura 13.0.1?

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Use the free app called AppCleaner

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Thanks! If it comes to that I’ll give it a shot but I guess I’m too old school, I want to know where the files are and what files are being removed.

It shouldn’t take a third party app to remove another app.

I will preface this by saying I’m not on Ventura yet, but when you use the “Delete App…” from the App Store account page, does it usually leave files behind? I don’t see any leftover files in my Containers folder on Monterrey.

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I really don’t know. That’s why I was hoping that @james would chime in and verify one way or the other. I know that in earlier versions there were application files that weren’t deleted when the app was and they could cause continued problems when the app was reinstalled if they were corrupted.

I’ve got a real sick iMac with Infuse and I need to try reinstalling it but I don’t want to do it if there’s associated files that may be remnants and not deleted.

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Hmm, it’s still there for me. :man_shrugging:

Note: This is ~/Library, and not /Library. To access this you’ll need to hold Option and select Library from the Finder’s Go menu.

This is the step I was missing.

All deleted and redownloaded. I get this screen.

Now it’s the waiting game. :wink: Thanks again James. :+1:

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macOS has always left stuff behind when you trash applications. There are many similar apps to AppCleaner but AppCleaner has served me well for more than 10 years. It’s solid.

It will show you what it found and it’s up to you to delete or keep files.

I sometimes use AppCleaner to reset an app. You do that by deleting all files but the app itself (uncheck it). Next time you launch the app it’s like when it was installed for the first time. All preferences etc. will always be re-created with defaults. This is true for all mac apps.

AppCleaner definitely reassure me that ALL files have been deleted. Like others, I’m holding off on Ventura for now.

Just to chime in again - I ran a test and when you delete the app from Apple’s App Store (not dragging it to the trash) it does also trash the remnant files, for anyone that was curious. Cheers


I upgraded our machines to Ventura on day one. No issues what so ever. A very smooth release and upgrade if you ask me. I work in enterprise IT since +30 years and my mac is my daily tool. Nothing broke for me…

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