How to Refresh Artwork

I click the show that I’ve changed the artwork for on jellyfin and click refresh, but the old artwork is still there.

I use Emby. The Artwork is updated automatically in Infuse after it is changed in Emby.
Not sure if there is also a helper plugin for Jellyfin.

Afaik Jellyfin is based on a fork of Emby. In Emby its possible to have multiple Artwork linked to a file (at least this is true for Favart). Infuse only pulls the 1st main image. So please make sure that there is only one artwork and the unwanted is deleted.

they’re the only images i have and it isn’t automatic. the only time it changes is if i clear my metadata or reinstall the app.

Then I have no idea. With Emby (and also Plex) the Metadata update is automatic.

Infuse has a plugin for Emby though, which tracks all changes made in Emby (not sure if this includes Metadata changes). Whenever Infuse run the Sync, it reads just the changed data as per their plugintracking. So Infuse does not need to scan the whole Emby Library. Not sure if something similar exits for Jellyfin.