how to reformat NTFS to FAT32 on windows 7

looking to use a extenal HDD thats NTFS with ATVFlash, I believe I need to format to FAT 32 but I cant in windows. How do I do this (novice).
Also I thought max file size on FAT32 was 4gb…thats not enough for a DVD move? HELP PLEASE

A guide for formatting your drive in FAT32 can be seen here:

The FAT32 file size limit is 4GB, however DVD movie files (VIDEO_TS) are usually made up of smaller ~1GB sized files.

I tried that it took hours and hours and at the end said drive was too big…it went through the format but at 100% after about 6 hours gave that message and the drive remained NTFS…thats my problem drive is 500gb !!..whats another way.