How to prevent jailbroken Apple TV 2 random reboots

History and findings with the jailbroken atv2. The Apple TV 2 has an extremely small memory size comming in at a mere 256mb compared to the still unjailbroken atv3 @ 512mb. I have looked at many logs and found out the culprit was not the apps but the limitation of the ios device itself rebooting due to this. This has since caused me many frustrations and I hope this may help some new or existing users to debug these issues and clear things up.

Step 1. Don’t use any memory intensive apps such as xbmc for hd streams, install the plex client app for hd streams app or infuse for hd streams as well.

Step 2. Install PlexConnect since it runs as a native Apple TV app would and I have yet to see a single reboot since the script mainly runs on any desired PlexConnect host then servers up js and XML to the appleTV then just lets the Apple TV do the rest of the work as native apps normally do while keeping the memory usage at a stable state.

Step 3. Make infuse run similar to how PlexConnect does by hijacking an app to allow the app to keep memory usage low to prevent resets or look into making it a official bundle on the plex media server. If the atv3 get jailbroken in the future I would imagine all of these amazing apps alike could feed the 3 or soon 4 since they have more memory stability.

I like infuse, xbmc and plex client a lot and which the Apple TV 3/4 could handle the hd streams consistently but it makes this the Apple TV 2 crash since it uses so much memory unfortunately. This is why the plex client has failed and is a ghost town in the forums due to the Apple TV memory limitation. Which most users now use PlexConnect as a stable alternative. Hope this helps everyone to understand the root issue here as the device.