How to prevent Infuse from using any picture in the folder of the movie as cover/poster art?

I have a shared drive which is read only. Each movie has its own folder. Inside the folder is the movie, subtitle and a PNG image. The image is a qrcode that is not relevant to the movie. The file name of the PNG is not same as the movie. However, Infuse will use this image as the cover/poster anyway. My Infuse Home Screen is a list of all the same qrcode images which is super annoying. The name of the movie file are correct so the metadata is correct. How do I prevent Infuse from using a png in the same folder as the movie as cover/poster/thumbnail art? I am not the owner of the shared drive so I can’t delete any file.

Is it possible that the QR code is also embedded in the video file also?

Make sure you have “Embedded Metadata” turned off in the settings and if it was on, then go back and do an Edit Metadata for one of the videos and reselect the correct metadata and see if that helps.

No, the qrcode is not embedded in the movie. Turning off “embedded metadata” doesn’t help either.

Unless you ever want the internal artwork to show I’d suggest you leave that turned off. Did you do an Edit metadata after turning off the Embedded?

Could you provide a screen cap of the folder and file names for one of the movies?

Thanks for the reply.
I gave up trying. I’m using flex server to scrape the metadata now, and added Flex Server to Infuse as a media source.

Your post confuses me because in my experience this does not happen with Infuse.

Artwork filenames typically need to match common filename schemes, as detailed here.

Indeed as @NC_Bullseye suggested, if “Embedded Metadata” had been enabled when you added the share, the only way to delete all that data is to manually “update metadata” for each item (to prompt Infuse to source online metadata instead from TMDB; or to flush the metadata all in one go by deleting the metadata cache and reimporting the share with Online Metadata enabled. “Online” means it will be sourced from TMDB (based on the video content filenames on the share). Only if the remote server has images with filenames matching those in the Infuse Metadata guide I linked to above should TMDB images be overridden.

Thank you for the reply. As I said in the opening post, the file name of the image file is not same nor relevant to the video file name. Infuse should ignore the image file as you suggested, but Infuse still use it as cover/poster/thumbnail art.
I am currently using Plex server to manage the movie files on that shared drive. Plex’s builtin scraper doesn’t have any problem to get the correct poster/cover image from internet. It solved my problem at the cost that I need to run a Plex server on my home server.

And as we suggested, if that is the case, Infuse almost certainly is ignoring those images.

The images are most likely embedded in the file’s metadata as well (as the owner of the server likely is motivated to track his hosted content).

Adjusting the settings in Infuse as suggested would probably alleviate your need to use Plex as a home server, because what you are using Plex for is something Infuse does natively.

It sounds like you having things organized into single-video folders, and in this case Infuse may make use of artwork files like this, if they are present.

Is there a specific reason you have these QR code images? Can they be removed? Alternatively, you could look at adding a second video file to each folder, or an empty subfolder.

Doesn’t everybody (for Movies)?

He doesn’t have control of the server.

Nope not everyone

You keep suggesting everyone else doesn’t do things exactly as I do, nor prefer things be organized exactly as I require they be organized.

Surely you must be mistaken.

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Unfortunately, it’s not possible to ignore these right now, but it could be added in the future.

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I hope the developers would at least consider adding an option to turn this off in future version. It doesn’t make any sense to use an image that has nothing to do with the video itself as a cover.

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Perhaps the assumption was there will only be an image in a folder with a video file if that image is a poster, and instead of programming all the possible different naming conventions people might have used, the software was just written to accept everything?

Never personally heard of the QR code use case before; maybe it just wasn’t anticipated. What’s the QR code link to? Is each one the same, or are the codes unique to every movie? Any chance of getting the folks running your server to do something about getting rid of them? You might explain to them how they’re affecting your experience?

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