How to play VIDEO_TS (DVD backup)

Infuse advertises as being able to play almost any format. But when I tried to play this, it just told me nothing to see here. VLC can play it no problems. Is this possible with Infuse? I have both 4 and 5.

This is not currently possible, but if you go to the pages about new features at you will see it is marked down as development is in progress. My guess is we can expect to see this early in the new year as part of inFuse 5.2 (on the basis that 5.1 is likely to come out this year).

Thanks for the response. Will look forward to 5.2.

If you see an error message while trying to play DVD ISO or VOB files, ensure that your VIDEO_TS folders are placed in another folder with the movie name as this is the folder that Infuse will recognize (i.e. Movies/Inception/VIDEO_TS/files).