How to play Multi-file Divx movies properly

Ok. when i first flashed my apple tv - i was bummed out that when playing my movies through the FILES menu - it would not play multi part movies. after the first half - the movie would stop and i have to manually select the 2nd part of the movie.

Some alternatives were presented to me. I could use Sapphire and join them in Sapphire, and play them in Sapphire. Or - I could join the divx files on my computer - then jst upload 1 file to the apple tv. Both are good options.

However - I have just found out how to male ATVFiles play multi part divx files.

First off. have a look at the picture below. I have a regular 1 disc movie called BULLITT, and my 2 part test video i made.

You will see how it normally looks - except for the movie TEST which has a dual disc icon beside it. This means there are actually 2 divx files for the movie and it will join them on the fly for seamless viewing.

Here is how it looks in my FTP software :

Simple enough. make sure your movie files - one ends with A and one with B. that is it. for example


you will then get the icon as pictures above.

I have personally become fond of just joining the 2 files on my mac ahead of time with the free software D-Vision… but for those that have lots of multi-part divx movies this is another option.