How to play .iso files of TV Series without splitting the .iso into individual episodes?

I have 30+ TV Series each with 7 or so .iso images. Each .iso image is approx 4 episodes. When I add them into Infuse Pro5 they only play as a single continuous file. (One of the play options on the .iso). I would like to preserve the episode directory structure so I can select and play individually. How do I do this ?

I’m looking at the ATV as a replacement for my Netgear NeoTV 550s, now obsolete, but very versatile.


Unfortunately, this isn’t supported at this time, but is something we hope to look into for a future update.

Thanks, yet I figured that out eventually. I’m going to split them into individual titles as I need to convert them to .mkv anyway. Should keep me busy next year (like the two years I spent digitizing my old vinyl). Cheers