How to play BDMW folder?

Just turned ON tv4k, updated till 11.2, install and subscribe infuse.
Can hold 85Mbit movie LUCY. AWESOME.
Cant figure out how to play BDMW folder. Any help appreciated.

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For each video, you will want to place the BDMV item into its own folder, and give this folder the name of the movie.

Inside a folder named ‘Lucy’ you would place your BDMV item. Then, Infuse will detect the Lucy folder as a playable item.

Note, most UPnP/DLNA devices will not support this file type so it’s best to use SMB or NFS.

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Before your reply i figure out why. Folders been named by default. So problem was upnp/dlna. That was trick here.
So i connect via smb and got buffering problems, according to other topic here i setup NFS and everything play smooth. So its solved for me.
PS. I have 200Mbit test file and network can handle it in upnp, nfs, but not smb

But think about regular usets, who doesnt understand networking at all. Imho you should implement folder scan during upnp connection.

Great! Glad you are back on track.

The reason these aren’t supported with UPnP/DLNA is because the UPnP/DLNA devices do not recognize these as playable video types, and will not include them in the list of video files they send to Infuse. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a way around this, but we are working on improving the performance of SMB for an upcoming version which will provide another streaming option.