How to organize these files?

I run InFuse on my Apple TV and store the data files on my iMac. All works well.

I have ripped the 2-DVD set of Schoolhouse Rock (Special 30th Anniversary Edition) from the original disks but can’t get them to display properly in Infuse. I am not sure how to name and/or organize the files. I’d like to to show up as a collection (in either the TV Shows or Other section of the InFuse library) with the individual tracks showing as episodes. In a perfect world, they would be organized by topic (Grammar Rock, America Rock, etc) as seasons.

Any guidance?

You’ll have to name the individual files to match the tvdb names and episode numbers to get the metadata automatically. for example the first episode would be “Schoolhouse rock S01E01.ext” which would draw the info for the show titled “Multiplication Rock: Three is a Magic Number”

The entire list is available here Schoolhouse Rock! -

While is is also listed in themoviedb it doesn’t appear to have any real info other than the basic title and a bit of artwork here Schoolhouse Rock! (Special 30th Anniversary Edition) (2002) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

It looks like thetvdb has better break out for the individual shows.

The format you need to show it as a tv show is explained here Metadata 101 – Firecore

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Thank you so much! This was exactly what I needed. :slight_smile:

(Please mark this issue solved.)

You’re welcome! Glad it did what you want.

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