How to organise Google Drive media

Hi guys, just wondering what the best way is to organise my media in Google Drive. I have about 1700 movies and 2500 episodes all stored in Google Drive. Currently I have it as My Drive > Media > Movies and My Drive > Media > TV Shows in these folders the movies are in their own folder same with TV shows.

For TV shows I’ve had great luck with the standard file structure that is recommended in the Users guide.

As for movies, I have mine divided into Alphabetical folders like “A Thru E”, “F Thru J” etc. I don’t place each movie in a separate folder just to simplify the file structure a bit.

This is on a local server but the same should work fine with G Drive.

Thanks for that helpful info. I was thinking of organising it how you mentioned with placing movies in alphabetical folders. I will try that.

Can you please also confirm whether or not I am able to edit the series/season artwork for google drive media? Thanks