How to organice TV Shows? Best practices


I’ve been using infuse on ATV4 for a long time but now that I bought a NAS I want to organice my media the right way.

At the moment I’m using:

Movies: Volume1/Media/Movies all movies are here, without any folder

TV Shows: Volume1/Media/TVShows/TVShowName/Season/ all season files are here, without any folder

The problem with tvshows is that on the main folder… all tvshows are without a cover. You have to move into the tvshow, then into the season, and here you can see the cover (it compiles all files into a cover with chapter select).

How can I fix that? or How do you manage your tvshows to get covers?

In each of your TVShowName folders, place the cover for the show in a file called folder.jpg

In each of your Season folders, place the season cover in a file called folder.jpg

If you want to use Infuse’s normal folder browsing method, you can do as suggested above to get your own cover art.

If you switch over to use Infuse’s new Library option, you won’t need to do anything special and Infuse will add all the relevant artwork for you automatically.

At this moment I don’t have any extra cover art in the folder, just the tvshows files and Infuse’s new library option doesn’t show any artwork. Do I need to activate something?

How are your video files named? A list of the supported naming styles can be found here.

I’ve got everything correctly named. The main problem is that when you go into TV Shows in Infuse, you will see for example “Narcos”, “Big Bang Theory” … without artwork. But If you go one more level inside Narcos, you will see Narcos S01 (without cover art) and finally inside you will find all the episodes from the first season that will merge automatically into a covered icon.

That’s the organization:

TV Shows / Narcos / S01 / All episodes
TV Shows / Narcos / S02 / All episodes

Change the name of the season folders from Narcos S01 (or if you just have S01) to Season 01.

For some reason the only naming format that I’ve found to work to give you folder art for the TV series is to make all of the “Seasons” folders named this way.

Season 01
Season 02

If you add the show name to the season folder it screws things up. It also screws it up if you use just “Season 1”. Seems it needs the “01” or "02’, etc.

I still don’t get folder art for the individual seasons but the series folder does pull it down and display it.

Thanks for the tip, so the final route should be:

TV Shows / Narcos / Season 01 / episodes
TV Shows / Narcos / Season 02 / episodes

With that naming format you will give the art in the “Season 01” level, but for the “Tv Shows” and “Narcos” folder it didn’t work.

Maybe this could be investigated to improve by James in the next versions.

Artwork should be shown at all levels, assuming you have at least 2 seasons inside the ‘Narcos’ folder.

However, I recommend using the Library view for TV shows (and movies) since it will provide artwork at all levels without having to create any special folders.

On the Library view don’t have any problem. All movies and tvshows appears correctly. The problem is in the tvseries folder. I have about 10-15 tvshows that doesn’t show the artwork. But if you go inside the main folder… all seasons shows it’s correct artwork with the season named.

I have Infuse 4 Pro and have just downloaded Infuse 5 and im having the same issue. It worked fine on 4 but on 5 can only see season folder once Im in the file folder, not the season folder, so only get folder Icon views on the Tv Series Folder. How come it works on 4 but not on 5? Nameing scheme is as suggested.