How to not share drives with all devices

I have roomates and I don’t want to share all my drives with them, I currently have an apple tv in the living room and every time I had a drive in my ipad they have access to it in the apple TV, I want to disable the sync feature will all devices, how do I do that?

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In your case, you can disable the ‘iCloud Sync’ option in Infuse > Settings > General on the living room Apple TV.

Doing this will prevent new shares added on other devices from appearing on this device.

I did that, but you can just turn it back on and it will sync again, no password required.

In you want to prevent someone from turning this back on, you can enable the Restrictions feature in Settings. This will cause Infuse to require a PIN code when entering the Settings menu.

You can also tweak the other parental controls (ratings, search lock, etc…) if needed.

Thank you, I was also able to disable the sync option for infuse to sync with icloud in my ipad.

Yep, that works too. :wink:

Just keep in mind, disabling iCloud sync means changes you make on a device won’t be saved to iCloud, so you may need to set your shares up again from scratch if you remove the app or upgrade devices.

More info on what is synced through iCloud can be found here.

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