How to name an episode on two files?


I have the show the crimson rivers, there are 3 seasons, 4 episodes per season but 2 files per episode, how should I name them?

Edit: additional question, on TVDB, I have selected French, but I have German. Also, I use Sonarr, which searches only in English, there too everything is in German.

Merci !

Well, you have two choices first would be to join the two parts of each episode using a file joining tool and name the file as given in TVDB.

The second choice (and my choice) would be with to do nothing right now and when Infuse switches to TMDB for TV shows they have it as 8 episodes per season and would reflect what you currently have and each file you have would be a separate episode.

Thank you for your answer.

I also prefer the second one, do you know when it is scheduled?

I have bookmarked the thread below and that’s where I look for info regarding when it may happen.

I’m just guessing that it will be pretty soon since there are changes by both TVDB and TMDB regarding their APIs that makes implementation more urgent. Just my interpretation of the timing though.

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