How to Map TV Shows

Dear FireCore,

How do i need to map the directories on my NAS to get a nice overview of TV Shows in Infuse.
I prefer the way below, i think most people have it like this.

TV Shows:
– Homeland
---- Homeland S01
------ S01E01
------ S01E02
---- Homeland S02
------ S02E01
------ S02E02

I had asked this way of sorting before in an update:
Where James responsed by that this is still in the works.
Is this still in the works, or do i have to map al my TV Shows as below or what is the best way you recommend?

TV Shows
– Homeland S01E01
– Homeland S01E02
– Homeland S01E03
– Homeland S02E01
– Homeland S02E02
(disadvantage: This will be a lot of files in one folder)

TV Shows
– Homeland S01 (with folder.jpg)
---- S01E01
---- S01E02
---- S01E03
– Homeland S02 (with folder.jpg)
---- S02E01
---- S02E02
(disadvantage: need to manually get folder.jpg / And if you open a season folder all episode will be merged to one)

TV Shows:
– Homeland (folder with folder.jpg)
---- Season 1 (folder with folder.jpg)
------ Homeland.S01,E01 (video file)
------ Homeland.S01.E02 (video file)
---- Season 2 (folder with folder.jpg)
------ Homeland.S02.E01 (video file)
------ Homeland.S02.E02 (video file)

This seems to work pretty well. From your library view, you will see Homeland with your folder.jpg. When you go into Homeland, you will see your two seasons which will be grouped. When you select Season 1 or Season 2, you will receive a popup box with the shows ordered. i.e.

– Homeland (custom art from tvdb)
---- Season 1 (grouped episodes with custom art from tvdb)
---- Season 2 (grouped episodes with custom art from tvdb)

Unfortunately in this scenario infuse does not use the local folder.jpg for the show or the season, but will rather swap it with the thetvdb poster art.

If you have any specials or any other video file in that “Season” folder, the grouped shows will still be in another folder deep. i.e.

– Homeland (folder with folder.jpg)
---- Season 1 (folder with folder.jpg)
------ Homeland.S01,E01 (video file)
------ Homeland.S01,E02 (video file)
------ Homeland.Preview (video file)

Infuse will show:
– Homeland
---- Season 1 (with folder.jpg)
------ Season 1 (all episode files grouped)
------ Homeland.Preview (video file)

Like I said, it would be good if it favors the custom artwork, and a way of handling the extra/special season files.