How to manage home videos + concerts with Infuse (xml file etc)

I’m all good with this (kinda) but my problem is that I don’t know how to set up the xml file. I get the “format” but I need someone to take it one step earlier and tell me how to actually create an xml file. I’m using my Apple TV and a MacBook

  • Create a text edit document on your Mac
  • Paste in the ‘format’ and save the text edit document.
  • Rename that document to the identical name as your movie and at the end put the extension as .xml (rather than .mp4 or whatever extension your film file is)
    So for the movie Star Wars.mp4 the text edit document will become Star Wars.xml

To make it easy, I have a template.xml document which I then duplicate each time I use and put in the new data. If it doesn’t work, check it very carefully against the template given in infuse because if you accidently delete one bit of their formatting it won’t work. Also, I have found that if you use an ampersand (&) anywhere within the document it will not work!

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Thanks so much for this. I never would have pieced it together without your help. With a little trial and error i finally figured out i needed to paste using an option in edit “Paste and match style”.
I really appreciate your jumping in to help me out.

Thank you very much for all this. I did not know we could do this. Problem solved !!

When i create a xml metadata file for a movie it gets into the “Movie” library. But when i create an xml file a TV show it still stays in “other”. I’ve tried “tv show” and “tv shows” , it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Mine is set up as “TV Show” and works fine. I wouldn’t have thought using capital T and V would make a difference but maybe it does??

I tried the capital letters and it didn’t seem to make a difference but I’ll try it again. I have noticed that sometimes, even though I’ve “updated” the library, that some changes take longer to show than others.

I know how annoying it can be when you try everything to get something to work and it doesn’t happen! :wink:

If it still isn’t working, maybe upload a screenshot of the metadata and hopefully someone will see the problem. One other thought, if the show on TVDB you could match it to that first then put the xml file in.


I’ve still never got it to work regardless of lower or upper case letters

TV Shows are Movies, too.
Infuse identifies tv show, when there ist S01.E01 in the Filenames … for the movie file and the xml has the same name.
so you have to create a xml for every episode with “movie” in it. … you can also create the pictures for every episode an infuse does the rest.
look at my small examples - it is not allowd to upload xml … so they are .txt.
so the Filename makes the TV Show.

dr._brumm_s01e01_dr._brumm_geht_baden.txt (445 Bytes)

dr._brumm_s01e02_dr._brumm_fahrt_zug.txt (445 Bytes)

I think i get it. If i have a TV show then i need to include Series # and episode # . Where i’ve had issues is “single TV shows”, if i have to identify an episode # then that may be the issue i’ve been having.

has this been added?

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