How to manage home videos + concerts with Infuse (xml file etc)

Hi all

Been using Infuse for months now, with great pleasure, automatic detection of movies and TV shows works perfectly fine.

Now I would like to add to my system some family videos and a few concerts videos for which I of course cannot find any metadata online.

What would be the best way to proceed ? What template xml file should I use for metadata ? How should the video, coverart and image files be named ?

Sorry if this has been asked before, thanks for pointing me to the relevant thread if needed.

Thanks for your help !

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The easiest way to handle these would be to set these folders to use local metadata. This will cause Infuse to generate metadata from the files themselves instead of attempting to match these titles with movies/tv shows. To enable this, locate the folder that contains your home videos, long-press on it, and select ‘Use Local Metadata’.

If you want to take it one step further and add specific artwork and metadata, a bit more info on the options available can be found here.

I have this same desire to not use metadata for my personal videos, but when I long-press on the folder on my ipad, all I see is the option to delete it. What am I missing?

This option is not yet available on iOS, but will be added soon.

Can we please have a proper documentation of the XML file or DTD or XSD? (I am happy with either.) I really would like to organize my own home videos a bit.

In an ideal world, it should be possible to define own media types that show up in the library as own entry (e.g. “Own Videos” or “GoPro Shots”) and combine them like a series, possibly with other tags than episode numbers to create structures like “Skiing 2016 in Kaunertal” as “Series” and then have the days as “Seasons” with own names (i.e. instead of “Season 1” it should state “Day 1” or the date) and the shots as “Episodes” with own names (i.e. instead “1, 2, 3…” it should be e.g. the time or an individual name).

Would be really great. If you later create a small App to create/edit those XML files for a few bucks, I would guess you can open a new target group for the product as well. :slight_smile:

For me, the XSD/DTD would be good enough, though.

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This idea is really needed. Besides Movies and Series we should be able to have other categories such as Home Videos.
I produce my own home videos with FCX with family souvenirs and it would be great to put them all in a folder name “home videos” and that the library picks that up and generate a category with all the home videos that would be very difficult to find if they are mixed with all the movies.


Has this been added yet?

I would also like to see a fuller specification for the metadata XML.

One particular detail I’d like to see addressed: how should the media tag’s “type” attribute be populated for the corresponding metadata to appear under “Library”'s TV Shows? I’m using Infuse with ISOs of TV shows, and would love for these to be indexed as such.

Also, thanks for a great product!

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We pay for this software and nobody will answer this question?!
Where is the full documentation for local metadat?
Where is the problem in answering this question?

anybody out there?

Pushing this up again - I really think it is a quick win to at least publish the DTD/XSD. 5 Minutes, not worth it? Am I missing something here?

Any specific reason why you do not want to document the metadata format?

Please at least answer.

Many thanks and best regards,

I just realize that this post is marked “solved” – how come? Nothing is solved here. Still no documentation - the metadata 101 doesn’t help here, really.

Please put back to unsolved.


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I have the same issue: a lot of home videos on my NAS but I don’t want metadata to be downloaded for them. iOS app doesn’t have an option to prevent the specific folder from downloading metadata for the videos contained therein. Please fix it ASAP.

I am paying the annual recurring revenue fee which is paid against an evolutive software with new features. we are not asking to put in place a codec for 8K but just adding one more main folder or menue with home videos linked to a folder that doesn’t look out for metadata in the internet but just inside the files…
not rocket science !!!

can you make my subscription worth something !!!

(for the rest I just use PLAY, PAUSE and STOP)

Just a question: are you wanting this for iOS or tvOS? Just because your comment is in the tvOS part of the forum where it can actually already be done.

Hi, thx for the reply, I am willing to do this in Apple tvOS, I want to put besides my series and movies folders one named home videos and drag there all my home made videos, Then I would like to have in the main menu of the library the options : Series / Movies / Others (that I already have) + home videos. Then click in home videos and find them all there sort by date/name etc (based on tagged id data). For the meta data I would like that infuse pic some part of the video and provides the same look and feel as with movies.
Is that possible ?
Some time ago I tried to find a blog and comments about it but I couldn’t find anything out there.

thx again for replying !

i think you do not need “home videos” next to “other”.
you have to generate the metadata.xml and with this, you will give your homevideos the genre “homevideo”.
so you will find all your homevideo in this genre and you can add a shortcut (long press on the genre “homevideo”) to the homescreen of infuse.
this will work with the metadata example you find here.

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Can you please help me? I cannot find an option where in tvOS app I can disable metadata for a specific folder (e. g. Home Video), not for all folders.

Do a long press on the folder/favourite you want to use local metadata and the option will come up.

Thank you, I will try that option.