How to make "Recently Added" automatically update

So I’ve added a couple of shares from my NAS, both of which work great when just viewing them in the library - I see everything I would expect to see.

But if I come out of Infuse, and use the rest of the apps on the Apple TV, and in the meantime new TV episodes/movies are added to those shares, Infuse doesn’t seem to notice. When I hover over the Infuse app on the home screen, the recently added at the top of the screen doesn’t change to show the newly added media. I have to open Infuse, go to Library > [share name], where it will start “In progress” and then update recently added.

Is there a way to make it do this automatically at regular intervals so the homescreen is updated without actually having to open the app?

Unfortunately Apple TV apps currently do not have the ability to run in the background, so you would actually need to enter the Infuse app in order for it to scan for new content.