How to make iTunes work fine

Hi, this is the scenario:

I have my apple tv networked to a swich where there are also a pc, a networked disk and another pc.
Since my networked drive has got UPnP, iTunes file server and DLNA support, I’d like to use it as music library.

My goal is to be able to listen to my music on the apple tv. To do this, I can just copy all of my music (22 gb) to the internal drive. This would be fine and the fastest solution, but every time I make a change to the library (via the pc) I would need to resync all the library.

Instead, using the networked drive would be the best solution, but I’m experiencing all kind of problems trying to achieve this, wich seems the simpliest thing in the world to me.

So the question is: What do I need to do to store my music to the external drive, having it connected to the pc when I want to modify something, and connected to the apple tv when I just want to listen to it ? Is this so complicated really ? Please help.