How to load external subtitles on Infuse 7 pro

Hi there,

Iam new to infuse, i would like to know how to load external subtitles from jellyfin server.

The embedded subtitles show up in infuse, but external subtitles don´t, for almost all my movies I need external subtitles, how can I play them?

See if this users guide helps. :smiley:

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Thanks for the Reply but iam on Apple TV 4k the tutorial os outdated for That version.

My subs are all on same folder than filé and have the same file name, extension is srt.

From what i have been reading on the fórum This is an infuse 7 pro bug, several people are having the same issue hás iam and are até least 4 recent tópicos concerning the same issue.

Will there be a Swift fix for This? Theres lots of Foreigner customers who depend on external subtitles and have Been raising concern about This issue.

Thanks, new customer.

Dont mind the typos iam on phone with no English language installed.

Do these subtitles appear in the Jellyfin web UI?

Yes, they do.

heres some prints of same behaviour on another topic.

Were these subtitles added after the files were scanned by Infuse?

Can you try tapping the Refresh button in Infuse on one of these items to see if this gets the subtitles to appear?

Hi James,

thanks for the reply, seems it was my mistake.

the external subtitles appear but with the name of the video file, like this for example,

and they load, I thought they would appear as for example english(external) or something like that.

seem it was fixed, thanks.

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