How to Jailbreak 4.4.2 ATV2 Software. Seasonpass didnt work

Ok folks, I am trying to jailbreak ATV2 on software 4.4.2. Before I tried jailbreaking I used tiny umberella and backed up my SHSH files. I only got 5.0.1 and some 6.x files backup with it. I am not sure if that is okay, but it did say that the 4.4.2 files are not signed or something.

Ok so after backup I followed the instructions which I googled through here,

I was able to go through all my steps in the end Seas0npass did its thing but it opened up Itunes which said are you ready to update to 5.1(or something similar). I obviously said no at that point.

Basically it didnt jailbreak. So I know I am doing something wrong. Can you please guide me step by step on what I should be doing? Should i update to 4.4.4 first and then update or something. I know i am doing something out of step. Either that or my version of apple tv is kinda old and needs some TLC to get it jailbreaked. Either case please help.

P.S. I also have the latest version of Itunes 11.00xx .

Thanks in advance.