How to install silverlight on Apple TV

Can anyone help me with the proccess of installing Silverlight on my Apple TV? I am using a PC and I know how to FTP to the box but I cant get it to work as a App so I can use Netflix.

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I had read before that the only way one can hack the AppleTV was to take the hard drive out, and to be honest that may have been one of the biggest deterrents that kept me from hacking it. Upon further research I found the concept of the ‘patchstick’.

The patchstick is basically a USB flash drive that has been configured to boot the AppleTV and run scripts that automatically add features to the device. The best patchstick project I found was one from Google Code’s website, ATV-bootloader. It allows you to create the patchstick to install the stuff you want, most others are already configured to install specific packages. For those faint of heart, there is also the atvusb-creator, this project has a Mac OS X application that does all the hard work for you. You insert your usb flash drive and run the software and in a couple of minutes you have a ready to go patchstick. I decided to go this route and created my patchstick. It worked the first time. I was now able to SSH and FTP to my AppleTV and boy was I estatic!.

I started this primarily to try and get Netflix’s Watch It Now running on the AppleTV, so the next step was to install a browser and SilverLight 2.0. So I found instructions on how to install Firefox and get it running on the AppleTV ( Firefox – AwkwardTV ), first thing I notice is that one needs a keyboard and mouse for Firefox to be useful. I looked for alternatives and stumbled upon Brandon Holland’s Couch Surfer, a Safari webkit based browser made specifically for the AppleTV.

ATVFlash technical suppport sent me this email:

“The 3.0 version of Silverlight is included with the current version of Flip4Mac. This can be installed through the Maintenance > Install Extras menu.”

I am not sure if this is correct information, and I have asked them to confirm in another posting here on the Forum.

The reason I am not sure if it works, as I already manually installed v2.0 of Silverlight, and I cannot tell which version is currently running.

I have used this with FireFox through the NitoTV Applications Menu and a keyboard and mouse to run Netflix Instant Viewing on my AppleTV. With a fast internet connection, it is watchable; but there is some choppiness due to the AppleTV’s slow CPU speed of 1GHz; but it works…

I have abandoned my attempts to watch Netflix on my AppleTV, as I recently purchased the Samsung Home Theater HD-BD1250, which includes Netflix Instant Viewing.

Incidentally, with sales prices as low as $399 (and I purchased it for another 20% off as an “open box”), I really enjoy this Samsung over my old Panasonic Home Theater in a Box SC-PT660. The Samsung includes BluRay, Netflix, Pandora, two digital audio inputs (for my DirecTV and AppleTV), and analog audio input (for streaming Sirius/XM or other sources from my Mac Mini addition to my Home Theater).

But the Netflix Instant Watching comes out beautifully… Soon I will purchase my first BluRay movie…

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Please somebody help me with installing silverlight on my apple tv

I tried doing all sorts of steps but am unable to get it working.

I have firefox, flash and everything else working great but I am not able to get silverlight to work. I followed adding plugins section from the below link.

I did not install flash and quicktime plugin again as I already had them. So, basically I took quick silverlight 3.0 plugin from Library Internet Plugins and copied it to my apple tv. Also, I copied over all the fonts except /Library/Fonts/Microsoft/Lucida Sans Unicode.ttf as mentioned in the website. I did not find that Microsoft font on my mac. I also did not install core audio kit as it was already there in that location. That’s pretty much it. Did I miss anything? It will be greatly appreciated if someone can help me out with this. BTW, my apple tv version is 3.0.1. My Macbook OS is 10.5.8

Go to Maintenance: Install Extras and install Flip4Mac WMV – that should also install silverlight…

I tried to access Netflix streaming via Firefox (also using Couch Surfer), but each prompts me to install Silverlight. I installed Flip4Mac as instructed above, but that still prompts me to install Silverlight. What am I doing wrong?
thanks for any info.

We will have to wait for guardianman to speak on this issue; he is the one who told me that installing Flip4Mac also installs Silverlight (I had previously installed Silverlight manually thru the Awkward wiki’s instructions).

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This post may have something to do with it:

I no longer use the AppleTV to watch Netflix since I purchased the Samsung HT-BD 1250.

OK. I got it Netflix streaming to work. I basically followed what has been written here ( I don’t know that all of the steps that I took were absolutely necessary, but it does work now.

Briefly, I got the Tiger CoreAudioKit.framework file from a Tiger install disk using Pacifist. Then I uploaded the to the appleTV (/Documents folder) using ftp (I used Cyberduck; username and password both “frontrow”). Then I ran the installer for Flash (Maintenance–>Install Extras). Then I manually installed the fonts listed on the link above (one exception: I installed LucindaGrande.dfont instead of Lucinda Sans Unicode). Then I manually installed the latest Silverlight plugin into /Library–>Internet Plug-Ins (I had to manually create the Internet Plug-Ins folder). I also manually copied over the silverlight application support folder Silverlight (/Application Support/Microsoft/Silverlight).

Then I launched Firefox, navigated to the Netflix site (I use Air Mouse, btw). Then, it worked. To be honest, it’s not the greatest performance. It’s slightly choppy, but it is watchable.

I do have a couple remaining problems, and I was wondering if anyone could help with one of them. Once I’m in Firefox, I can’t seem to exit to get back to the main AppleTV menu. I use my iPhone Remote app in combination with Air Mouse to control things. Anyway, when I’m ready to exit, I’ve tried tapping the menu button on the Remote app, as this was said to be the correct method in a thread below. However, it doesn’t do anything. Tapping the button does generate the typical sound, but nothing happens. If I quit Firefox, then it basically freezes. I have to unplug it to reboot.

thanks in advance.

I did the same as in the previous post but did not copy the coreaudio.frameworks and all is working fine.
I read somewhere that HDMI does not use the coreaudio.frameworks and I am using HDMI to connect to my TV
Picture is a little grainy on some videos especially fast action scenes but overall the pictire is watchable and the audio is Fine…

I’ve spent hours on this thread trying to figure out how to get Silverlight working my appleTV. I’ve had flash working for a while now by following the instructions on installing plugins. So I have the Core Audio file and everything in place. I’ve copied a couple versions of Silverlight to my internet plugins folder. copied the fonts too. Still no luck. I’d really like to get this working. Didn’t do the terminal work that is listed on AwkwardTV. Not sure how to and if I need it. I also ran “install packages” in NitoTV’s settings menu. But it doesn’t seem to install silverlight. It doesn’t show up in the maintenance menu either. So confused.

why do you want Silverlight?

To watch netflix live.

Unfortunately the AppleTV falls below the minimum requirements for Silverlight. The AppleTV has a 1GHz CPU with 256MB of RAM.
Operating System: Apple Mac OS X 10.4.8 or above
Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
128MB of RAM

Apple TV might technically be below the system requirements but it definitely installs, I’m watching Risky Business right now.

I followed the steps here (just the Silverlight ones):

Video seems to get better after the first 5 minutes or so. I also tried installing the Netflix app for Boxee (copied it over from the OSX version of Boxee, long story…) but it’s totally unusable: runs at about 1 frame per second! Viewing from Firefox is definitely watchable though, albeit a little choppy.

I'm surprised that Sonnet has built an processor accelerator for the Apple TV1



I wonder if this will let Couchsurfer or Firefox with silverlight watch a stream from a SLINGBOX source.  Know I am going to try tonight to get this working to test.


Wow…  Been looking all over the web for it but no luck.  It is the one thing that will make NetFlix possible if it really is available

Or…  Is there a better way to run netflix.


Presumably as Netflix relies on Silverlight the Crystal HD card wont help either?

I’m using Silverlight to watch the live TV feed from our local news channels.  You need version 2.5 as later versions won’t work (they require OSX 10.4.11 at a minimum).