How to install new Apple updates to jailbroken AppleTV 2

How to install new Apple updates to jailbroken AppleTV 2?  I just jailbroke mine and the autoupdate feature informed of a new update (4.4.2).  I hit install and all seemed well, except now the apple symbol is showing on my TV and the AppleTV 2 is flashing its white light.

It seems stuck during the reboot.

What to do?

You cannot successfully apply new Apple updates to a jailbroken ATV2.  If you have tried this then your system is almost certainly no longer in a working state and your only option is to restore the ATV2 via iTunes to get it working again.   You can either restore it to a non-jailbroken state with the 4.4.2 software, or back to a ‘clean’ jailbroken state (without any changes you made after your last jailbreak).  

Note that at the moment the only jSeasonPass ailbreak for the 4.4.x series of Apple software is a tethered one (meaning it needs to be connected to your PC/Mac anytime you lose power and need to reboot).  If you want an untethered jailbreak then this is currently only available for the 4.3  Apple software.

Thanks. That was really helpful. I was thinking I’d have to do that.